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Site report: 250,000 cubic metres of concrete pumped in precast factory

For the past 4½ years Camfaud has been providing concrete pump services at Tarmac precast’s factory in Tallington near Stamford, Lincolnshire. Over this period, we have pumped very close to 250,000 cubic metres of concrete. Tarmac Precast had been awarded a contract to produce railway sleepers for the UK’s rail network and the configuration of the precast works presented problems supplying sufficient concrete to the dedicated casting line.

Pumping the concrete was suggested but initial trials were not successful. However, Camfaud was called in and we set up a trial scheme. Despite less than pump-friendly concrete, the trial was a success, and we were awarded a contract to install a more permanent installation. A Putzmeister BSA 2109H static pump was purchased especially for this contract.

This pump, with a maximum 95 cubic metre per hour output and maximum 152 bar line pressure, was chosen to ensure the required quantity of the concrete mix could be delivered to keep the casting lines adequately supplied.

In addition to performance, this static concrete pump was chosen due to its ability to withstand the daily duty of pumping stiff harsh mix without undue wear to the parts in contact with the concrete. Our contract specified that we had to be able to supply both of the sleeper casting lines at the same time.

To achieve this we installed a diverter valve into the pipeline close to the pump and then ran two pipelines from the valve, one to each of the casting lines. With this system, Tarmac was able to supply one line, the other line or both lines (pumping to each line turn and turnabout), depending on their requirement.

Initially, there was a lot of scepticism from the “old hands” at Tarmac Precast – this was understandable when you consider the pumping trials they had seen fail time and time again. However, the equipment and the back-up service provided by Camfaud were second to none and the sceptics were finally convinced that it is possible to develop a successful concrete pumping scheme in precast works.

  • Pump: Putzmeister BSA 2109H

  • Customer: Tarmac

  • Site: Precast Factory Tallington

  • Concrete Supplier: Tarmac

  • Date: June 2010 to December 2015