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Mobile Concrete Pumps

Camfaud Concrete Pumps Ltd operates a full range of mobile concrete pumps to ensure a suitable pump can be selected for each job. We offer boom sizes from 16 to 63 metres to cover the smallest and largest of sites. The mobile concrete pumps are rated at between 60 and 160 cubic metres / hour to accommodate small pours as well as mass fill concrete. We offer high pressure mobile concrete pumps to pump long ground-lines and can supply additional pipeline and linesmen to carry out these pours.

The most modern mobile concrete pumps from M34 upwards are fitted with one-sided support (OSS). This system allows the outriggers to be extended halfway on one side and employs an interlock to prevent the boom from slewing onto that side. When using the OSS system the footprint needed for setting up the larger machines is reduced without compromising their safe operation.

The space required on site for setting up the mobile concrete pump is reduced when using the OSS system. And this is achieved without compromising the safe use of the concrete pump.

In addition to pumps using the OSS system, we offer certain mobile concrete pumps fitted with a boom slew restrictor. This is used to modify the range through which the boom can be slewed in order to prevent the boom from travelling over restricted areas e.g. rail lines with overhead cables.

A number of mobile concrete pumps are fitted with boom restrictors which limit the working area of the boom. This is particularly useful when working near overhead cables or close to public areas. Camfaud’s pumps are effective with all pumpable concrete mixes including special concretes. We regularly pump lightweight concrete including Lytag®, heavyweight concrete, polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete, steel fibre reinforced concrete, foamed concrete, super-plasticised, self levelling concrete including Agilia® supplied by Lafarge, microsilica concrete including Toproc® supplied by Tarmac Topmix, low slump concrete and grout. When working with these special concretes we strongly recommend that you arrange a meeting to include the concrete pump supplier and the concrete supplier to ensure that the pump pour goes to plan.

Mobile Concrete Pumps

A full range of mobile concrete pumps suit each job

  • Boom sizes from 16 to 63 metres
  • Outputs from 60 to 160 m³/hour
  • High pressure pumps for pipelines
  • OSS to reduce pump footprint
  • Boom restrictor to limit working area
  • Radio remote controls
  • Low unfolding booms for inside work
  • Small footprint pumps available

A choice of mobile concrete pumps to suit each material

  • Pump mix concrete
  • Lightweight concrete including Lytag®
  • Heavyweight concrete
  • Polypropylene fibre concrete
  • Steel fibre reinforced concrete
  • Self levelling concrete including Agilia®
  • Microsilica concrete including Toproc®
  • Foamed concrete
  • Low slump concrete
  • Grout

Mobile Concrete Pump Fleet