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UK Concrete Pump Pipeline Sales

With our significant experience in providing pipeline sales support for the UK concrete pumping and infrastructure industry, we can assist you in sourcing the best concrete pump pipelines, ancillary equipment and consumables that ensures reliability, safety and efficiency for all your projects.

For all sales enquiries, please contact:

UK Pipeline Sales Manager: David Presley

Tel: 07780 211673 | Email:

A wide range of products for all your concrete pipeline requirements

With concrete pump pipeline and ancillary products for all your project needs, Camfaud can be your one-stop shop for your construction and infrastructure activity, no matter how complex or challenging the requirement. These products include:

Concrete pipeline

  • Pipelines in high pressure and standard – 50mm to 125mm diameter
  • High-pressure and standard coupling and fittings
  • Blowout cannons and ball catchers
  • Long and short radius bends
  • Footed support bends
  • Pipeline floor and wall brackets
  • Twin wall pipes
  • Single-layer induction hardened pipes
  • Shotcrete hoses and guns
  • Rubber placing hoses


  • Pump Primer
  • Gaskets
  • Sponge balls
  • Safety pins
  • Whip checks
  • Concrete remover

To help ensure the seamless and efficient progress of your construction projects, we also offer supporting services, including:

Our customer concrete pipeline projects

Camfaud supplies some of the largest infrastructure projects currently running in the UK, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to outstanding standards.

Our projects include:

  • Thames Tideway
  • HS2
  • Hinkley Point

Contact us

For concrete pipeline sales enquiries, please contact:

UK Pipeline Sales Manager: David Presley

Email: Tel: 07780 211673

David joined Camfaud at the beginning of 2023, bringing 12 years of experience in the concrete pumping industry. As European branch manager of Con Forms during much of this time, David gained a broad knowledge of concrete pipeline equipment and understands how to tailor the best solutions for customers’ requirements.

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