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SPB10 (Schwing BVR 12 C)

We have recently added a new stationary placing boom to our fleet. We now offer a small, hydraulically operated boom, the BVR12C. This boom has the same horizontal reach as our RV10 manual placer, i.e. 10 metres, but can move in the vertical plane, reaching up to 12 metres, as well as the horizontal plane.

The BVR 12 C is ideal for the construction of jump form or slip form cores in high rise buildings but can also be used for floors slabs and walls in building work and for the construction of small and medium sized pre-cast structures.

We believe that we now offer the most complete range of placing booms in the country with the SPB30, RV10 and now BVR12C. If you would like further details on any of these booms or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss which one would be most effective for your project, please get in contact.