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Concrete Placing Booms & Pumps

Plant manager: Dan Underhill

T: 01992 560898

The use of concrete placing booms has been wisely adopted in the UK, especially for building reinforced concrete frames on inner city sites where space is at a premium. Previously Camfaud would carry out these contracts using boom pumps with additional pipeline and labour where necessary. Now, however, as a result of demand from customers, we offer a range of static concrete pumps and stationary placing booms complete with a full installation and maintenance service. RC frame, cores, slips and high rise are the type of projects that would benefit from this concrete placement solution.

With this system, the concrete is normally pumped by a diesel or electrically powered static concrete pump, through a fixed 125 mm pipeline, to the stationary placing boom. The Schwing SPB 30 boom can be mounted on a steel column of up to 20 metres. The column can be supported on a free standing cross base (Concrete or steel ballast weights required) or have bolts cast into the base slab. Once the structure starts to rise the column is captured by floor frames and rises with the building. This system will help place concrete safely and efficiently and has the added benefit or releasing hook time to help drive productivity. On larger sites, one boom can be used in conjunction with two or more columns allowing effective coverage of larger areas. The boom can be moved from one column to another and can be split into two sections, where required, to fall within the max lifting weight of the crane.

We also have a growing number of smaller booms which can be free standing, mounted on columns or designed to sit on slip shutters or cores. These can be connected to statics or mobile boom pumps to help reduce or replace static pipeline across the site. This will help increase the speed of each pour, reduce labour requirement, and improve the safe placement of the concrete.

RV10 manual placer

We now offer Putzmeister RV10 manual placers. These have a horizontal reach of 10 meters and can slew through 360 degrees. They are ideal for placing concrete into slabs