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Concrete Magazine July / August 2014 Showcases Camfaud’s Expertise

Concrete Magazine July / August 2014

Camfaud Concrete Pumps have recently contributed an article to the July / August 2014 issue of Concrete Magazine – the global magazine of the Concrete Society. The article is on “Planning and organising a perfect pump pour” and contains all the information needed to plan and carry out a pump pour. It is intended to be useful for all jobs from small one-off pours to larger more complex pours.

The piece is illustrated with photos of recent contracts that we have carried out, including pouring the bases at two Northamptonshire wind farms and pumping concrete onto a bridge across the river Trent as part of the second phase of the Nottingham Tramway.For a more concise list of points to consider when planning a pump pour, visit the Managing a pump pour page in the Info section of this website.