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Site report: Constructing two 25M high concrete tanks at Kings Lynn Biosolids Treatment Centre

Using some of the largest pumps in the Camfaud fleet, Galliford Try Meica has recently completed the construction of two 25m high concrete tanks at the new Kings Lynn Biosolids Treatment Centre. The tanks hold up to 6000 cubic metres of sludge and were built simultaneously between October 2006 and May 2007.

Firstly, the concrete base was poured followed by four wall pours. Each wall pour was a controlled pour lasting between 8 and 10 hours – approximately 180 cubic metres of concrete was pumped for each of the 5.4 metre lifts. Finally concrete was pumped to the roof to enclose the tank.

For each of the wall and the roof pours, two pumps were used, each covering one half of the tank. Camfaud was chosen to supply the pumps due to the number of large concrete placing boom pumps in the fleet and their expertise offered in the East Anglia region.

Over the duration of the contract, all the large boom sizes were used from the M36 mobile concrete pump to M58. These booms were able to place the concrete wherever it was needed regardless of the height and distance around or across the tanks. The volume of concrete placed was never an issue for these high output pumps.

With each pour coming in at around 180 cubic metres, the 140 cubic metre / hour pumps stroked slowly all day. In addition to pumping concrete to these two large tanks, Camfaud carried out a number of additional pours on site. Several bases were pumped for the steel process tanks that were erected on site and slabs poured for the site buildings and stores.

Throughout the contract, Camfaud worked closely with the main contractor, Galliford Try Meica JV, and the concrete supplier, Cemex, to ensure that the concrete mix used maintained its pumpability whilst meeting strict criteria in terms of strength and chemical resistance.

  • Pumps: M36 to M58

  • Customer: GTM (Galliford Try Meica)

  • Site: Kings Lynn Biosolids Treatment Centre

  • Concrete Supplier: Cemex

  • Date: October 2006 – May 2007