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Site report: Slip Forming Electricity from Waste Plant, Allington

During spring 2005 Camfaud supplied pumps to HOCHTIEF (UK) Construction Ltd on their contract to build an “Electricity from Waste” Plant at Allington, near Maidstone. Once operational, household waste from Kent will be incinerated at the plant to produce electricity which will be fed into the National Grid.

The construction method chosen to build the two waste bunkers and stair cores was slip forming. This method requires the supply of concrete into a shutter on a continuous basis with the shutter being raised as the structure progresses. The bunkers were 41.8 m. high and 58.2 m. x 21.5 m. cross-section; the stair cores 35.5 m. high with a 6.25 x 17.35 m. cross-section. The total slip formed surface was 17,500 square meters.

While these structures were being constructed, Camfaud provided 2 x M52 mounted mobile concrete pumps working 24 hours / day, seven days a week. The largest of the concrete pours lasted for four weeks and the smaller pours for two weeks each. Once the plant is completed, planning permission requires that the building is hidden by earth bunds constructed up to the same level as the roof.

  • Pumps: 2 x M52

  • Customer: HOCHTIEF (UK) Construction Ltd

  • Site: Allington Waste Incinerator

  • Concrete Supplier: Hanson

  • Date: Spring 2005