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New Putzmeister 36m iONTRON pumping on zero emmissions.

This high profile project involved several elements, including a new cafe slab and retaining walls for a new tunnel access going under the busy Exhibition rd. This will enable safe, easy access to the Museum site, which attracts about 5 million visitors a year. Part of the biding process to secure this prestigious contract involved meeting net zero goals for the construction phase. This was under-pinned by the banning of diesel on site, so when PJ Carey had to pump concrete in, they called on Camfaud for a mobile pump that would meet the project requirements. The new Putzmeister m36 iONTRON plug in hybrid proved the perfect tool for the job. Once plugged in to a suitable power supply, the pump runs on Zero emissions and has the added benefit of also being quieter than its diesel equivalent. Pictured is the first of several visits for the iONTRON, which we are pleased to say, went exactly as planned.