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Medway Valley Crossing Bridge Construction

During this winter, Camfaud has been helping contractor BAM Nuttall to construct a new bridge over the Medway valley in Kent. The bridge is being built to provide access to Trenport Investments Ltd’s new residential development of Peters Village, with the road from the bridge joining the A228 at a new roundabout between Snodland and Halling.

Aerial view of Medway Valley Crossing

In December, Camfaud poured the main span of the bridge. Two M36 mobile concrete boom pumps were supplied and were set up either side of the river on the temporary jetties that had been built to accommodate the plant needed to construct the bridge. Both of the mobile concrete pumps were equipped with a one side support (OSS) system that allowed them to set up on the narrow jetties.

Medway Valley Crossing from Peters Village side

This system made it possible for the pumps to short rig on the off side whilst extending the outriggers fully on the working side. The OSS system prevents the concrete placing boom from slewing into the unsupported area and so the pumps were completely stable at all times. The two pumps worked in tandem all day with the concrete initially being placed at the centre of the bridge span.

Pouring the centre span of the new Medway Valley Crossing

As the pour progressed, the two booms worked outwards thus ensuring that the loading, imposed on the bridge by the concrete, was balanced across the structure. For this technically challenging and project-critical pour, Camfaud supplied two of their most experienced pump operators who, between them, have over 50 years experience pumping concrete for Camfaud.

Two M36 pumps working at the new Medway Valley Crossing