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Camfaud delivers for Amazon

In this connected world the internet has driven the boom in online orders. One of the key players in this growing market is Amazon as they continue to invest in new distribution centres to meet this growing demand. Camfaud have been heavily involved in delivering many of these schemes with the latest being the new Gateshead project. M24 , M36 and M43 from our Gateshead and Egremont depots have all been pumping for Stanford Industrial Flooring along with 200 linear meters of 125mm line to reach the massive interior upper floors. Camfaud have also been involved with the pumping for the extensive exterior slabs with Fortel, making this one of the largest projects under construction in the North East.

Amazon Gateshead 1.jpg

Amazon Gateshead 2.jpg

Amazon Gateshead 5.jpg

Amazon Gateshead 8.jpg